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As the temperature begins to change and leaves begin to fall here in Central Florida 
be sure to
check your top screen in your pool cage for tears to keep those leaves from coming in!

With those cool temperatures it’s time to open those windows check for tares and rips in your screen so you can keep those mosquitoes out of your home.

Not only are Mosquitoes aggravating when they bite,they carry diseases, such as West Nile, Zika and many more.  Miami, FL.has over 40 cases of Zika and adding more each day.

​Are you tired of looking at your torn, worn out screens? Are your neighbors complaining about your ugly screen enclosure? If so then you need Central FL Rescreen Machines, Inc. for all your screen needs. If your entire screen enclosure needs rescreening or if you have a small screen repair, we're here to help!​

Central FL Rescreen Machines,Inc. is here to serve you for all your screen porch repairs and rescreening needs.

Remember that at Rescreen Machines,  we can repair any part of your screen door, from the handles to the plungers and the bug sweep, which keeps out all those unwanted pests.

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Zika Hotline 

 Phone :  (855) 622-6735

 E-Mail : Health@flhealth.gov

Florida Department of Heath 

4052 Bald Cypress Way

Tallahassee, FL 32399

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boy diaper cake